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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Red and Gold Silk Brocade Suit

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A beautiful carmine red silk brocade woven with gold flowers and highlighted with white makes up this elegant suit.  The sheath dress has an antique gold satin sash.  The cropped jacket is fully lined in the gold satin and sports gold buttons down the front and a Swarovski crystal brooch on the collar.  A dramatic flower hat tops off the ensemble.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux and FR2 dolls.

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Concord Grape Silk Brocade Suit

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Now that a touch of Fall is in the air, I find myself reaching for richer, deeper colors.  This is a favorite brocade of mine, with deep purple flowers and green vines against a black ground.  The simple sheath has a pleated cummerbund in deep purple silk.  The boxy jacket is fully lined in the same dark purple silk.  Tiny faceted jet buttons decorate the front.  A black Swarovski crystal brooch ornaments the collar.  A dramatic bow band hat is the final touch.

This fashion fits Victoire Roux, Silkstone Barbie and FR2 dolls.

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Turquoise and Gold Brocade Suit

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A striking combination of deep turquoise woven with gold flowers makes up this suit of pure silk brocade.  The sheath dress has a pleated gold silk satin cummerbund and a decorative gold beaded neckline.  The boxy jacket is fully lined in gold silk satin.  A jeweled button defines the neck.

This fashion fits Victoire Roux, Silkstone Barbie, and Fashion Royalty.

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Black and White Suit

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A sophisticated, stylish suit in black and white brocade.  The shawl collar has an enamel bow brooch with pearl center.  An over sized picture hat is trimmed with a large, white organza bow and black organza rose.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie and Poppy Parker.

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Rosy Apricot Suit

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An unusual combination of golden apricot woven with rosy purple flowers results in a stunning silk brocade.  The sheath sports a pleated rosy purple silk cummerbund.  The cropped jacket is fully lined with rosy purple silk.  Crystal buttons and a golden Swarovski crystal brooch add sparkle to the jacket.  A pale purple floral band hat is an elegant accessory.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux and Fashion Royalty.

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Angel Party Dress

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The palest blush pink silk, tulle and lace makes up this heavenly party dress.  The off the shoulder, dropped waist bodice is made of pale pink silk and has a ruched bust embroidered with tiny pearls and pink beads.  The full skirt is blush pink tulle embroidered with delicate cream flowers and bows.  Multiple layers of blush pink shimmer tulle fills out the skirt.  A pink bow belt defines the waist.

This fashion fits Victoire Roux, Fashion Royalty and Silkstone Barbie.

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Silver and Sky Blue Cocktail Dress

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Turquoise blue woven with pale pink results in a shimmering iridescent sky blue silk with flashes of pink.  The strapless cocktail dress is overlaid with exquisite silver Alençon lace from Paris.  A swath of pale blue shimmer tulle frames the shoulders and is embroidered with silver beads where the tulle meets the bodice.

This fashion fits Victoire Roux, Silkstone Barbie, Fashion Royalty and other similar dolls.

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