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Two More Weeks…

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“Remember Don … when God closes a door, he opens a dress.”

Roger Sterling


If you know me at all, then you know that I adore Mad Men and that it inspires my work so much that a number of my fashions are named after characters in the show.  Since Mad Men returns to AMC in just two weeks, I thought I would do a post dedicated to the fashions that I have made since this amazing show hit the air. 

This dress is inspired by a dress worn by Joan Holloway in season 2.  I call it “Joanie’s Green Office Dress.”  It is not very visible in this photograph, but under the split in the neckline are two covered buttons.


Here is the original
Generally, I make clothes that are inspired by the original outfits, but modified for 1/6 scale.  Sometimes, I like to improvise on classic styles from the period that I think are reminiscent of particular characters, such as this suit that I call the “Betty Suit.”  This photo was taken by Maryann Roy.  Most of my favorite shots of my fashions are actually taken by other people, especially Maryann.  She also makes the incredible rooms that these dolls live in.

Behind every successful man is a well dressed woman.
This is another photo taken by Maryann.  She originally took it for the article on Mad Men that we collaborated on for FDQ Winter 2010.  It didn’t end up appearing in the article, but I have always loved it.
This is a dress that was inspired by promo pictures of Betty Draper that came out advertising Season 4 of Mad Men.

Joan Holloway has become a fashion icon, due in large part to the way her curves filled out her little red wiggle dress that debuts in season one and continues to appear, in a variety of manifestations, in the following seasons.  This photo is also taken by Maryann Roy, who also made the office and did all the styling, even Joan’s hairstyle! This was long before Mattel came out with the Mad Men Silkstones, so we improvised.  I adore Maryann’s Joan!
The Wiggle Dress has become a stock character in my rotation of Mad Men Fashions.  Here are a few variations.  Both photographs were taken by Maryann Roy.

This dress style was also inspired by Joan, although she doesn’t wear anything exactly like it in the shows.  We tend to see Joan either at work, when she wears dresses with sleeves and conservative necklines, or at home when she wears pajamas or pedal pushers.  But this is what I imagine Joan would wear for a night out on the town.  The Joan Dress.
Finally, this is the iconic Peggy dress from the beginning of Season 2. Peggy has her figure back and wears this very smart black and white checked dress.  Here, she can be seen with Pete Campbell, the man she loves to hate, in the hallway of Sterling Cooper.  Photo taken by Maryann Roy, who also styled the Secretary Silkstone to look like Peggy Olson.

Springtime in Paris

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Welcome to Springtime in Paris, Bellissima Couture’s third online event. 

I have had a love affair with Paris since the first time I visited at the age of 20.  Two years later, I spent a year living in France, traveling all over the country studying Medieval Romanesque churches.  Paris was always a welcome respite from my travels.  Many of the fashions below were named either for a famous Paris landmark or a famous song about Paris.

I am sure that many of us wish that we could attend the doll show in Paris this weekend but are unable to, myself included!  So instead, I bring Paris to you!


All of the fashions you see here were fitted to the Silkstone Barbie body, but will also fit many different body types, as you can see.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these fashions, please send me an email at

Fashions will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  If you have a first and second choice, please let me know right away so that you have a better chance of getting a fashion that you want.  I will try to update the website as quickly as possible. 

  • Shipping in the USA is $5.00.  International is $15.00.
  • FASHIONS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND WILL SHIP IN APPROXIMATELY TWO WEEKS.  Because all garments are handmade there may be some variation in placement of patterns, embroidery, beading, etc, but every effort is made to make fashions as similar as possible.


Versailles: SOLD OUT

This dramatic print in bright pink and black on white canvas is the epitome of Parisian opulence.  The shawl collared coat is fully lined in bright pink silk dupioni and sports faceted jet buttons.  The complementary sheath dress is made of black and white checked silk taffeta with a bright pink silk cummerbund and bow to match the lining of the coat. (edition of 3)


Les Macarons: SOLD OUT

French Macarons are not like anything we have in the United States.  They are not made with coconut, but are rather like a meringue fortified with ground almonds.  These dreamy little rounds come in a rainbow of colors and flavors and it is the pictures of French macarons that inspired a large part of my color palette for this collection.

The coat is made from an adorable print from Japan that is sprinkled with colorful macarons in luscious hues.  It is lined in iridescent rose silk taffeta.  A simple sheath dress in dusky amethyst silk with a rose silk cummerbund completes the look.  A Swarovski crystal brooch adds a touch of sparkle.

The divine miniature French macarons shown in the photo with this ensemble were made by the talented Maria of MIO Designs and can be purchased in her shop on Etsy.

(edition of 3)


Sous le ciel de Paris (Under the Paris Sky): SOLD OUT

Another adorable fabric from Japan depicting a fanciful map of Paris makes up this coat in bright turquoise blue touched with sunny yellow, pink, white and red.  The coat is fully lined in yellow and white checked taffeta, which also makes up the sheath dress.  A white silk taffeta cummerbund and bow finishes off this delightful spring look. (edition of 2)


Mon Paris: SOLD OUT

Pale rose canvas decorated with Parisian motifs is the fabric of this classic swing coat, fully lined in cranberry silk taffeta.  A cranberry silk sheath with pale pink silk taffeta cummerbund and bow detail is the perfect accompaniment.  A Swarovski crystal brooch adds sparkle. (edition of 3)


Champs-Élysées: SOLD OUT

This smart suit is made from a textured black and white silk noil.  The jacket is fitted through the torso and flares into a peplum.  A bright pink rose brightens the collar, while tiny black faceted jet buttons and a bright pink silk bow belt accent the front of the jacket.  A slim pencil skirt completes the look. (edition of 3)


Ma vie en rose (my life in pink): SOLD OUT

This dramatic suit features a plunging decolletage, black faceted jet buttons and saucy flared peplum.  a slim pencil skirt is the perfect complement to the jacket.  The fabric is an exquisite iridescent silk brocade in rose pink from England. A bright pink rose and black flocked tulle fascinator hat included. (edition of 3)


La Trompette: Both colors SOLD OUT

A simple and lovely day dress in silk noil, fitted through the torso and flaring into a flirty trumpet skirt.  Gathered cap sleeves and a v-neckline complete the silhouette.  This is a new design from Bellissima Couture and is available in pale lavender silk noil lined in pale pink silk taffeta, and pale aqua silk noil lined in mint green silk taffeta.  Each dress comes with a matching band hat with flowers. (edition of 4)


Place de la Concorde: SOLD OUT

A strapless mauve silk taffeta  sheath dress with a pale pink silk cummerbund and sash. The sash is hand embroidered with  a spray of yellow silk ribbon roses. (edition of 2)


Montmartre: SOLD OUT

A classic sheath dress made exceptional by the gorgeous champagne and silver lace that is laid over an iridescent aqua silk taffeta.  A band and bow detail defines the bust. (edition of 3)


Absinthe: la fée verte (the Green Fairy):SOLD OUT

Absinthe was a wildly popular drink in Paris during the 19th century and both its bright green color and the feeling of euphoria it is said to produce led to its commonly being called la fée verte, or the green fairy.  This silk brocade sheath dress in muted shades of champagne and green is brought to life by the opulent sparkle tulle overskirt in vivid citrine.  Chartreuse glass beads decorate the shoulders. (edition of 2)


Place de Vosges: SOLD OUT

This silk brocade sheath is scattered in flowers and features an exuberant purple sparkle tulle overskirt.


Moulin Rouge: SOLD OUT

Inspired by the corsets and ruffles of the famous dancers of the Moulin Rouge, this elegant little ensemble is crafted from a ribbed silk in antiqued champagne.  The fitted top is off the shoulder, gathered at the bust, and embellished with pale pink ruffled tulle at the hem of the peplum.  A pale pink silk taffeta bow belt defines the waist, and a slim pencil skirt completes the ensemble. (edition of 3)


La Confiserie (Sweet Shop): SOLD OUT

This confection of a dress is made from the palest pink silk taffeta.  The dress features a fitted, dropped waist, off the shoulder bows,  and full gathered skirt with a black tulle petticoat.  The dress includes a hat featuring a large pale pink gardenia and black net veil.  It would be a perfect bridesmaid dress to accompany the following fashion. (edition of 3)


La Mariée (The Bride): SOLD OUT

Traditionally, a Paris fashion show ends with a wedding gown, and this collection is no exception.  This classic vintage wedding gown is made from white silk dupioni.  The bodice has a sweetheart neckline that can be glimpsed beneath the embroidered white organza overblouse.  A silk band and flat bow decorate the hem of the cropped overblouse.  The skirt is made full by 3 layers of stiff, scalloped tulle netting.  An elegant silk band features a short veil in scalloped tulle and a large creamy white gardenia. (edition of 2)