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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Two Martini Lunch in Pink Damask

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A slim sheath in pale pink cotton damask with a lovely sheen.  The sheath has cap sleeves and a square neckline accented with a large black silk bow.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, Fashion Royalty and Vintage Barbie.

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Two Martini Lunch in Green Tea

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A slim fitted sheath in green tea colored cotton printed with roses and birds in shades of pink.  The sheath has a square neckline and cap sleeves.  A large silk bow in bright pink decorates the bust.  A Tilda cotton imported from England.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux and Fashion Royalty.

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Two Martini Lunch in Provencal Floral

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A chic daytime sheath with a square neckline and cap sleeves. The fabric is a graphic red floral on white with accents of black. A black silk belt with gold buckle accents the waist.

This fashion fits Victoire, Silkstone Barbie, and other similar dolls.

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Silk Brocade Cocktail Dress with Tulle Wrap

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A strapless cocktail dress in a stunning brocade in lilac purple woven with flowers in Tiffany blue.  A Tiffany blue swath of tulle is fastened on one side of the bodice and drapes around the shoulders.  The tulle is secured at the waist by a pleated belt in Tiffany blue silk.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie.

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Limelight Cocktail Sheath

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An elegant silk brocade sheath in iridescent lime green floral with a pleated purple silk cummerbund.  The neckline is richly hand beaded with glass seed beads in shades of green and purple.

This sheath fits Silkstones and similar dolls.

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IMG_4521 IMG_4520 IMG_4519 IMG_4518

Checked Party Dress

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Poppy models a flirty party dress made from turquoise and white checked silk taffeta.  A turquoise tulle petticoat peeks out from the hem and white silk bows decorate the bodice.

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Pink Brocade Cocktail Sheath

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A strapless silk brocade cocktail sheath in candy pink woven with white and hot pink flowers.  A swath of hot pink sparkle tulle drapes around the shoulders and is secured at the waist with an iridescent silk dupioni pleated cummerbund.

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Silk Brocade Cocktail Sheaths

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Two strapless cocktail dresses in lush silk brocades, each with a tulle swag that drapes around the shoulders and is fastened by a silk pleated cummerbund at the waist.

The first brocade is a rich, iridescent blue silk brocade woven with fuschia flowers.  A swathe of fuschia tulle wraps around the shoulder and is fastened at the waist with an iridescent purple and fuschia taffeta cummerbund.

The second brocade is sage green silk woven with bright pink flowers.  A pink sparkle tulle swag fastens at the waist with an iridescent pink silk cummerbund.

These fashions fit Silkstones and similar dolls.

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Springtime Sheaths

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Two strapless brocade sheaths for Spring!  The sheaths are strapless, with a tulle swag that tucks into a pleated silk taffeta cummerbund belt.  The first brocade is lilac and butter yellow on a pale silvery grey ground.  The tulle swag is also lilac, as is the taffeta cummerbund.  The second brocade is bright pink and apricot with a dark pink tulle swag and pleated silk cummerbund.

These sheaths fit Silkstone Barbie.

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Olive My Love

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Two of my very favorite colors together; gold and olive green.  This slim fitting sheath gives the wearer a beautiful hourglass silhouette.  The fabric is a delicate cream and gold silk brocade.  An olive sparkle tulle swag sweeps from one side of the bodice to the other and is secured at the waist with an iridescent olive green silk pleated cummerbund.

Jewelry, doll and shoes are not included.  The beautiful shoes are the work of Ann Grahek.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux.

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