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Liberty Trio

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Give me Liberty or give me…more Liberty!

I can never have enough Tana Lawn from Liberty of London.  A few days ago I received three new floral prints and I took a break from commissions to make these cute little floral sheath dresses. 

Liberty of London Tana Lawn is pure cotton, but has a silky, delicate hand that is more luxurious than any other cotton fabric you have ever experienced.  Each dress has a contrasting bow belt in silk satin for sheen and elegance.

If you are interested in purchasing a Liberty sheath, please email me at

$75.00 each

Betsy Ann in Pink

This is a new pattern from Liberty and I just love the colors and tiny floral.  Classic and sweet.

Liberty Trio 007

Liberty Trio 014

Felicite in Teal

I adore this retro floral in shades of blue and green with pops of cherry red. 

Liberty Trio 003

Liberty Trio 006

Thorpe in Sage

This is such a striking, unusual color combination of greys, pinks and olive green.

Liberty Trio 019

Liberty Trio 016



Framboises Glacée

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This is one of the most beautiful fabrics that I have ever worked with. It is a fine silk brocade in a pure shade of raspberry pink, woven with pure white.  The white pattern against the shimmer of the pink results in a shimmering frosted effect. 

The shawl collar beautifully frames the face and a tiny Eiffel Tower pin adds sparkle.  Tiny pearl buttons decorate the front of the jacket and a large, white silk satin bow nestles in the small of the back.

An extravagant flower hat is the perfect finishing touch.

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me

$110.00 ( Edition of 5) SOLD OUT

Framboise 018

Framboise 020

Framboise 023

Sanibel Evening

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While vacationing, Miss Poppy Parker is a vision of loveliness in a shell pink silk taffeta column gown with a black lace overblouse.  The gown is strapless with a softly gathered waist, decorated with a small bow.  The sleeveless black lace overblouse is a sophisticated option, but the dress is equally stunning without, especially if you add a dramatic necklace.

Miss Parker’s hair and makeup is the work of the incomparable Matt Sutton.

This fashion includes the gown and lace overblouse.  It does not include jewelry or gloves.  This fashion will also fit Silkstones and Victoire.

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me at

$100.00 (Edition of 4) SOLD OUT

Beyond the Pale 004

Beyond the Pale 007

Beyond the Pale 011

Beyond the Pale 014


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Just before I left for the Barbie Convention last week, I received the much anticipated “Buenos Aires” Victoire from Integrity Toys.  I love her platinum hair pulled back into a sleek, braided bun.  Her vivid turquoise eye makeup and classic red lip color inspired me to make her this stylish suit from robin’s egg blue boucle tweed.

Victoire is going out for lunch in the ultra chic seaside resort of Biarritz, wearing a new suit. The nubby fabric is full of texture and colorful threads woven throughout, so I chose to use a classic silhouette and to leave it simple, letting the fabric do most of the talking.  The shawl collar frames Victoire’s lovely face.  Pearl buttons decorate the jacket and a gold bow brooch adorns the collar.  The large turquoise blue floral hat is an extravagant finisher.

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me at

$110.00 SOLD OUT

Biarritz 020

Biarritz 008

Biarritz 012