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Responding to Blog Posts vs Emails

Hello my friends,

A quick FYI. I just noticed that some of you have been replying to the blog email that you receive when I post a fashion to ask about purchasing. Which is actually a perfectly normal reaction. But those emails actually go straight to the comment section of my blog and for some reason I am not always notified when someone makes a comment. Therefore, I have missed some of your requests to purchase fashions, for which I apologize.

Please always email me through the highlighted gmail link within the body of the blog post to purchase a fashion or contact me directly. Thank you!

As always, I am so grateful for your support!

xo Hilda

Princess Aurora

The companion piece to the dark, evil beauty of Carabosse, Princess Aurora is young, innocent and lovely. On her 16th birthday, as she wanders through the palace, she finds an old woman spinning. Curious about what she is doing, Aurora reaches for the spindle, pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep, fulfilling the curse that Carabosse cast upon her when she was a baby.

Aurora wears a gown in shades of pink and rose. The strapless bodice is made of pale pink silk with rose pink tulle ruched around the top and embroidered with tiny beads and pearls. The shorter, full skirt is made from rose pink tulle embroidered with darker pink roses in white lace medallions. Layers of rose tulle give the skirt volume. A crown of roses for her birthday is the perfect finishing touch.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Nu Face.



Carabosse is the name of the fairy of evil in Marius Petipa’s ballet The Sleeping Beauty with music by Tchaikovsky. This is the same character that is given the name Maleficent in the Disney film. While traditionally the fairy is depicted as an ugly figure, I chose to make her dark and beautiful.

Carabosse wears a black gown with a silk, off the shoulder bodice with a ruched bust embroidered with pale pink and silver beads. A pale pink silk belt and bow define the narrow waist. The skirt is made of black tulle embroidered with roses in shades of pink and rose. Leaves and vines are embroidered in silvery grey, foreshadowing the thicket of roses that grows up to envelop the princess Aurora and the palace while she sleeps. The skirt is finished with a deep hem of embroidered silvery lace. Black Swarovski crystals sparkle on the skirt. Eight layers of black tulle give volume to the skirt. A crown of roses finishes off this dramatic costume.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, FR2, and Nu Face



A ballet by Delibes in which an inventor creates a beautiful dancing doll so life like that a young man falls in love with her. His jilted sweetheart dresses as the doll in an effort to win back his affection and dances for him.

This gown is in shades of sparkling white and palest pink. The off the shoulder bodice in pale pink silk taffeta has a ruched bust embroidered with silver beads and a pink pearl. A pink band and bow accentuates the slender waist. The voluminous skirt is made of white tulle embroidered in pale pink and white flowers. Eight layers of white tulle gives the skirt added fullness. A crown of white roses interspersed with pale pink blossoms is a finishing touch for this lovely dancer.


The Haunted City

Despite its bright, cheerful pink color, this fabric is part of Sarah Watts’ Eclipse collection, this year’s Halloween offering from Cotton + Steel.

The scene is an old city, as evidenced by the style of its towers and facades, at night. We can see stars, a crescent moon, and ghosts in the sky among the buildings. The colors are simple; black ink drawings with subtle washes of pale pink and highlights in white on a raspberry pink ground. The coat is fully lined in black silk with black faceted glass buttons. A silver owl brooch with crystal eyes glints on the collar. The accompanying dress is completely black, with a boat necked bodice in silk taffeta, and a full skirt in embroidered tulle lace with 8 layers of tulle underskirt. A fascinator of raspberry pink roses and curled black feather quills is a whimsical finishing touch.


Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinets of curiosities were encyclopedic collections of objects drawn from the worlds of natural history, archaeology, art, geology, and even the bizarre. They were rooms rather than pieces of furniture, filled with examples of oddities and strange wonders, such as the objects and works of art depicted on this coat.

The fabric is the work of Sarah Watts and is in bright colors on a black ground. The coat is lined in iridescent magenta silk and has bronze and magenta glass buttons. A black enamel owl brooch with diamanté eyes sits on the collar.

The accompanying dress has a boat necked bodice in black silk and voluminous skirt of black tulle embroidered with dark purple. Layers of crushed black tulle gives the skirt a bouffant effect. A belt and bow in olive green silk picks up the color in the coat. A band hat of flowers in shades of purple and magenta with curling peacock fronds adds whimsy.

This fashion fits Silkstone, Poppy Parker, and Nu Face



Like the flower that shares her name, the wearer of this beautiful gown is lovely yet dangerous. Meaning “beautiful lady,” Belladonna is from the nightshade family. During the Renaissance, young Italian ladies put tinctures of Belladonna in their eyes to dilate their pupils, believing it made them more alluring to potential suitors.

This fair lady needs no such tincture or added adornment, relying solely on her striking features and the magnificent lace skirt of her gown. Her bodice is simple, midnight blue silk taffeta in a pleasing off the shoulder silhouette with a ruched bust, narrow waist, and flared hips. The skirt is navy blue tulle embroidered with dark purple flowers and vines. Layers of crumpled navy tulle gives volume to the skirt. A band hat of iridescent black and green feathers is a whimsical finishing touch.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire, FR2, Nu Face


Lilac and Aqua Lace Party Dress

A silk and lace confection fit for a birthday party. The off the shoulder bodice is made from shimmering lilac silk with a ruched bust embroidered with silver and iridescent blue beads with a tanzanite crystal in the center. A voluminous skirt of aqua lace embroidered with lilac and pale blue flowers and a scalloped edge has eight layers of shimmering aqua tulle. A silk band and bow defines the waist.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Nu Face.