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  1. I love your work but this gallery it´s very difficult to watch.

    We can´t see most of the pictures.

    If you display all the pictures together it will work better.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback, Roberto. I am planning to do some work to the website in the next few days and will play around with the gallery. I appreciate your letting me know.

  2. Julian Kalinowski

    I am stunned by how prolific you are Hilda. The gowns are simply to die for-mouthwatering colours and elegant attention to detail, but yet restrained and simple too. I can’t wait to get some for my Lalka doll project!

  3. All your fashions fit the ladies so well. You are master designer and seamstess!

  4. Beautiful work–do you make your own fabrics?

    • Thank you so much, Ruby! I wish that I could make my own fabrics, and I do have plans to paint some cotton organdy, but as of now I buy all my fabrics. I am always looking for great fabrics!

  5. Amazing work! So glad to see it.

  6. I’m totally in love with all your outfits. I wish I would have met you at one of the conventions.

    • Rosanne, thank you so much! I go to almost all of the conventions and I always do the salesroom (GAW and National Barbie) and room sales(Integrity). Look for me! My next convention is GAW in April and NBDCC in July.

  7. Wow, simply amazing!!! You are so talented. Where do you find the things for the backdrops–the rooms and such?

  8. Hi Hilda,
    Have anything for sale right now?
    My silkies need some new clothes!

  9. I realy admire your work. Congratulations from France…

  10. Hi, this is Linda from Michigan. I love your work and bought a dress from you last year at GAW. I hope to see you there this year! Can’t wait to see everything new, in person.

  11. I am a VERY picky collector and only allow the BEST on the backs of my Silkstones….. I think I have found a new source!! John C

  12. will you post room number and when you start selling at GAW? THANKS!!


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