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The Haunted Grove

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The rabbit is a symbol of fear in many cultures and often symbolizes the presence of spirits as is the case in the scene represented here in this misty grove where disembodied gowns drift among the trees and pearlescent ghosts flit in the upper branches.

The palette of the swing coat is muted grey and black with touches of pearly white. The coat is fully lined in lilac silk taffeta and dark grey pearl buttons march down the front.

The accompanying strapless gown is made from the same lilac silk taffeta overlaid with glazed cotton tulle in silvery grey, giving a lovely muted shimmer. The double overlay of the skirt is left unfinished and is hand distressed to give the ragged effect of a spider’s web.

Included with the ensemble is a set of three magnetic brooches; a skeletal hand, a masquerade mask, and a skull.

This ensemble fits Silkstone, Poppy Parker, and Nu Face


Beloved in Mourning

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The loss of a husband would cause a widow to don black clothing for two years in the Victorian era. After that time, muted colors of lavender, lilac, and grey could be added during the six month period of “half mourning.” But how to express the loss of a secret, forbidden love, while still remaining lovely?

This gown is made from an exquisite pleated tulle in soft greyish lavender with an embroidered hem. The underskirt is made from eight layers of pale grey tulle. The off the shoulder bodice is made from dove grey silk and has a ruched bust. A vintage smoke colored teardrop crystal shimmers, suspended from a lavender silk ribbon bow.

A haunting elegy in beauty and remembrance.


Ghoulish Contrast Neckline Sheath Dress

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Sinister yet stylish sheath dress in a print from Cotton + Steel features a colorful block print of strands of beads with the occasional skull on a black ground. The dress is fully lined in magenta silk and slashed at the collar, which is turned back to reveal the magenta lining in a decorative detail. A skeletal hand brooch claws at her lovely neck.

This fashion fits most 1/6 scale fashion dolls.


A Glaring of Cats Halloween Coat Ensemble

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One of my favorite collective nouns is a “glaring of cats” which seemed especially appropriate in this case. I was originally going to call this fashion “Familiars” but this title seems to convey the same meaning of a group of disgruntled witches who have just assumed feline shape.

The swing coat is made from Japanese natural colored linen and is printed with a group of black cats. The style is primitive and, quite frankly, rather sinister, which is why I hastily placed it in with the Halloween fabrics when it was purchased last year. It is paired with an incongruously cheerful orange silk shot with brilliant pink, resulting in a mouth watering hue. The full skirted party dress has a black net under skirt. The coat is fully lined with orange silk and has black glass faceted buttons. An extravagant band hat with orange and black flowers, black point d’esprit netting, and black silk ribbon is a showstopper. The outfit also includes 4 magnetic Halloween/Autumnal brooches for mix and match with this and other favorite outfits.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, FR2, and Nu Face

If you would like to order this outfit, please email me at

Immediate payment via PayPal required


Black Lace and Roses Cummerbund Party Dress

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An elegant print of black lace and coral pink roses on a white ground makes up this flirty party dress. The dress has a boat necked bodice and full skirt with black tulle underskirt. A ruched cummerbund in coral pink silk adds interest to the waist. A dramatic coral rose platter hat on a flexible band in the perfect finishing touch.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, FR2, Nu Face


Contrast Split Neck Sheath in Poolside

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A vibrant retro print of refreshing cocktails in shades of strawberry pink, blood orange, tangerine, and prickly pear. The style is a classic sheath dress that is fully lined in blood orange iridescent silk, bright orange woven with hot pink. The split neckline is folded back, revealing the colored lining, and secured with a translucent strawberry pink button. A narrow belt in the blood orange silk with a hand fringed finish is casually knotted at the waist. A colorful, stylish summer fashion.

This dress fits most 1/6 scale fashion dolls, including vintage Barbie. Listing is for the dress only. It does not include the doll, shoes or accessories.

Payment via PayPal. Immediate payment appreciated.


Tuxedo Cat Party Dresses

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Twin party dresses in adorable fabric from Japan depicting tuxedo cats in various moods ranging from disdainful to affectionate. Both feature boat necked bodices and full skirts with rose pink tulle underskirts. Colors are black and white with a touch of rose pink for the nose and mouth and liberal gold highlights for paw prints on a dark French blue or cream ground. Both dresses have black grosgrain bows on the shoulders.

These fashions fit Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, Victoire, FR2, and Nu Face