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Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

Le Paon

In nature it is the male peacock who has the beautiful iridescent plumage, while the female is more subdued in shades of brown.  But if you shop at Bellissima Couture, then your favorite diva can be decked out like the most extravagant peacock of them all!

This is a very special outfit…pictures do not do justice to this beautiful cotton print in shades of blue and green, accented with black and touched with gold that is inspired by the overlapping feather “scales” on the breast of a peacock.  The coat is fully lined in a gorgeous blue green silk, which is also the collar of the coat.  Faceted crystals are used for the buttons.  A subtle hook and loop closure enables you to style the coat closed or open. 

A sophisticated sheath shines under the coat.  The cotton print makes up the skirt and simple black silk makes up the top and lining.  A kingfisher blue silk taffeta cummerbund accentuates the waist, while the neckline is encrusted with beading that catches the light and picks up the colors in the coat and skirt.

Finally, an elaborate silk headband sports an extravagant feather display, accented with a vintage Swarovski crystal brooch.

This ensemble was designed for and fitted to Silkstone Barbie, but will also fit other dolls of similar size and build, though perhaps not as well.

The fashion is SOLD!  Thank you!