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Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

La Pivoine

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Peonies are a symbol of good fortune, as well as one of the most beautiful and extravagant flowers found in gardens all over the world.  They have a sweet, delicate fragrance and come in many shades, including cream, pale pink, and peach.  All of these colors combine in the fabric of this elegant coat ensemble, made to celebrate the new year.

People often ask me if it is difficult to find fabrics in a scale that works for such small garments.  While finding tiny prints is challenging, I don’t hesitate to work with large prints as well, especially when they are as beautiful as this fabric.  When a large print is used in this way, it takes on a different character entirely and becomes more about abstract shapes and beautiful colors than the actual pattern of the fabric itself. 

I love the rich colors of the holidays, but when I sat down with my fabric stash to find a fabric for my first outfit of the new year, I was immediately drawn to this one.  It brought to my mind the warmth of the sun in spring and the faint and elusive scent of peonies.  The colors are subtle, but so lovely together.  I chose a pale pink silk satin to line the coat.  Large, creamy pearls are used as buttons and a vintage pink flower brooch with a pearl center adorns the coat’s shawl collar.  The coat can be worn open or closed.

For the sheath, I wanted a simple, but elegant fabric that would complement the coat without competing with it.  I chose a very special fabric, a cream silk eyelet, the color and luster of which picks up the shade and sheen of the large pearl buttons on the coat.

Finally, the hat!  Made from silk peony petals, the center is decorated with a simple pearl, to match the coat’s buttons.  The hat is attached to a flexible pink silk band that can be adjusted to fit your doll’s head.

While modeled on Betty Draper, a silkstone Barbie, this fashion will also fit similar dolls such as Monograms, Poppy Parker, and Fashion Royalty dolls.

La Pivoine includes the shawl collared coat, silk eyelet sheath and peony hat.  Also included are cream gloves and pale pink slingback shoes from Dressmaker Details.

If you would like to add this fashion to your collection, please email me at

$120.00   Sale Pending