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“Remember Don … when God closes a door, he opens a dress.”

Roger Sterling


If you know me at all, then you know that I adore Mad Men and that it inspires my work so much that a number of my fashions are named after characters in the show.  Since Mad Men returns to AMC in just two weeks, I thought I would do a post dedicated to the fashions that I have made since this amazing show hit the air. 

This dress is inspired by a dress worn by Joan Holloway in season 2.  I call it “Joanie’s Green Office Dress.”  It is not very visible in this photograph, but under the split in the neckline are two covered buttons.


Here is the original
Generally, I make clothes that are inspired by the original outfits, but modified for 1/6 scale.  Sometimes, I like to improvise on classic styles from the period that I think are reminiscent of particular characters, such as this suit that I call the “Betty Suit.”  This photo was taken by Maryann Roy.  Most of my favorite shots of my fashions are actually taken by other people, especially Maryann.  She also makes the incredible rooms that these dolls live in.

Behind every successful man is a well dressed woman.
This is another photo taken by Maryann.  She originally took it for the article on Mad Men that we collaborated on for FDQ Winter 2010.  It didn’t end up appearing in the article, but I have always loved it.
This is a dress that was inspired by promo pictures of Betty Draper that came out advertising Season 4 of Mad Men.

Joan Holloway has become a fashion icon, due in large part to the way her curves filled out her little red wiggle dress that debuts in season one and continues to appear, in a variety of manifestations, in the following seasons.  This photo is also taken by Maryann Roy, who also made the office and did all the styling, even Joan’s hairstyle! This was long before Mattel came out with the Mad Men Silkstones, so we improvised.  I adore Maryann’s Joan!
The Wiggle Dress has become a stock character in my rotation of Mad Men Fashions.  Here are a few variations.  Both photographs were taken by Maryann Roy.

This dress style was also inspired by Joan, although she doesn’t wear anything exactly like it in the shows.  We tend to see Joan either at work, when she wears dresses with sleeves and conservative necklines, or at home when she wears pajamas or pedal pushers.  But this is what I imagine Joan would wear for a night out on the town.  The Joan Dress.
Finally, this is the iconic Peggy dress from the beginning of Season 2. Peggy has her figure back and wears this very smart black and white checked dress.  Here, she can be seen with Pete Campbell, the man she loves to hate, in the hallway of Sterling Cooper.  Photo taken by Maryann Roy, who also styled the Secretary Silkstone to look like Peggy Olson.

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  1. LOVE this post and all of your fabulous clothing! Can’t wait to see what this season of Mad Men brings!!
    M xo

  2. I’ve never watched the show, but it’s definitely MY era for doll collecting, and I’ve always loved your Mad Men fashions. My doll collecting nirvana is your fashions, retro dolls, and Maryann’s furniture!

  3. You are a fashion genious! Just becoming familiar with your site and store. I am so enjoying your creative talent and passion & your friend’s photography and sets. I’m hooked!!


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