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Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

News from Bellissima Couture

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I returned from the Grant a Wish Convention last night.  What a blast!  The convention is small and low key. There is plenty of time to visit with friends.  It is so well run.  The highlight of the event is the live auction on Friday night.  This year there were more than 20 OOAK artist dolls and countless other contributions.  In all, the auction raised more than $23,000.00!  Kudos to Kim Schultz, who organized the auction, and Dwayne Adle and Paul Bruce, the wonderful auctioneers.

This year I was part of a collaboration with two incredibly talented artists; Vin Trapani of Vincent Anthony Repaints, and Maryann Roy of Welcome Home.  The theme of this year’s convention was Broadway Glamour, so we wanted to make something really special.  We decided on a custom wardrobe/dressing room for the star, a silkstone painted by Vin. Maryann created her dressing room and I provided the wardrobe of three outfits.  Here are a few photos of our collaboration, taken by Vin.


I am delighted to report that our contribution earned $1,600.00 for charity!  Needless to say, we are all thrilled!


Now that I am back from GAW, the National Barbie Convention is the next big event.  I have exciting plans for my Golden Ticket contribution, 2 Centerpiece doll donations and Raffle Room donation!  Not to mention making table gifts and 100+ fashions for salesroom and room sales!  YIKES!  I had better get busy!


But first, I will be holding a fun online mini event on Tuesday, April 24th, at 8:00 pm EST.  The theme is “An English Garden Party.”  Stay tuned for more details!