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A lovely blog entry from “Inside the Fashion Doll Studio” featuring a Bellissima Couture Fashions ensemble. So beautifully photographed and styled.

Inside the Fashion Doll Studio

The models of Christian Dior 2

(Photo credit: Loomis Dean – 1957 LIFE)






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Designer of couture fashions in 1/6 scale

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  1. Hi again, I would like this outfit too. The outfit is beautiful. Thank you, Joanne Landry

  2. I am sorry I thought this outfit was for sale. Joanne

  3. Bravo Hilda! So nice to see others admiring your work!

    Love to you and to your family. I know this has been your mother’s 80th birthday weekend. My mother Marj turned 80 last fall.

    Best wishes,



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