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Hello Friends.  Our first Spring here in the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful one indeed and I have been drawn to working with florals and silks in bright colors.  I hope that you enjoy these pretty dresses and find something that appeals to you!


If you are interested in purchasing any of these fashions, please email me at

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Paris was a visit to the fabric district in Montmartre.  I went to two shops, Reine and Marche St. Pierre.  There was so much that I wanted to buy that I felt quite light headed!  Reine offered dozens of Liberty of London prints that I had never seen or been able to find before.  I limited myself to only 5, and it was not easy, let me tell you.  I am presenting a bouquet of party dresses in these spring prints below.  Each dress bears the name of the Liberty print from which it was made.


$75.00 Edition of 3


Spring Fashions 001

Spring Fashions 002

Claire Aude


Spring Fashions 035

Spring Fashions 036

Watercolor Floral

$75.00 Edition of 3


Spring Fashions 032

Spring Fashions 033



Spring Fashions 006

Spring Fashions 007

This next party dress is made from a Burberry plaid silk in rose pink.  Tiny black silk bows decorate the shoulders and a black net petticoat peeks out from the hemline.

Burberry Rose Party Dress

$75.00 SOLD OUT (for the moment)

Spring Fashions 046

Spring Fashions 045

The sweet silk gingham Spring Bouquet Sheaths that I posted the other day were a big hit, so I am now offering six more colors.

Spring Bouquet: Lamb’s Ear


Spring Fashions 014Spring Fashions 015

Spring Bouquet: Peony


Spring Fashions 017

Spring Fashions 018

Spring Bouquet: Grass

Spring Fashions 020

Spring Fashions 023

Spring Bouquet: Cyclamen

Spring Fashions 026

Spring Fashions 027

Spring Bouquet: Bluebell


Spring Fashions 047

Spring Fashions 048

Spring Bouquet: Buttercup


Spring Fashions 012

Spring Fashions 013

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  1. Love the Liberty prints !!! You have been busy … can’t wait to see them IRL. 😉 Beautiful!

  2. If I must choose just one ~~ Burberry Rose Party Dress ~~ is my pick!! So pretty!! 🙂

  3. Oh My GAWD ! These are all HEAVENLY Hilda!! Emailing you! M xo

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