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Brocade Cocktail Trio

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I have been working in a lot of black and white lately, so yesterday I indulged myself and chose three of my favorite brocades from which to make a trio of glamorous cocktail dresses. Each dress is subtly different in details, but all made from shimmering, iridescent silk brocade.

I hope that you enjoy them!

If interested in purchasing a dress, please email me at

$75.00 each

Blue Brocade has beaded shoulder detail and blue silk dupioni sash. SOLD OUT

Brocade trio 005

Brocade trio 009

Brocade trio 004

Pink Brocade has bright pink silk dupioni sash and bow detail and Swarovski crystal brooch. SOLD OUT

Brocade trio 019

Brocade trio 015

Green Brocade has a ruched fuchsia silk cummerbund and rosette detail with green Swarovski crystal flower. SOLD OUT

Brocade trio 032

Brocade trio 034

Brocade trio 023

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Designer of couture fashions in 1/6 scale

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  1. All soooooo beautiful…(((sigh)))!!!

  2. They are ALL Heavenly ! The blue is my favorite !! xo

  3. Lisa Marie Simmons

    Divine Hilda!

  4. Love the colors – Fab!!


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