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Summer Sheath Trio

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Today I enjoyed dipping into my stash of exquisite embroidered silk dupioni to make these three classic sheath dresses.

If you are interested in purchasing a sheath, please email me at

$75.00 each

Rosa Rugosa Sheath: the same fabric used for the popular Rosa Rugosa suit from a few months ago, I had enough of this fabric to make a few sheaths.  Beautiful pink roses and green leaves embroidered on white silk dupioni. SOLD OUT

Summer Sheath Trio 005

Summer Sheath Trio 004

Red Rose Sheath: I bought this fabric in Paris.  It is so elegant, with dark red roses and delicate stems in pale and dark green embroidered on pure white dupioni. SOLD OUT

Summer Sheath Trio 009

Summer Sheath Trio 011

Neapolitan Polka Dot Sheath: Blush pink silk with embroidered polka dots in cream, chocolate and rose pink.  Delicious and so refreshing! Edition of 3

Summer Sheath Trio 014

Summer Sheath Trio 018

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  1. Adore the red rose! All so scrumpciupos!

  2. All 3 are beautiful!!

  3. “Gasp……” They are all stunning but the Red Rose Sheath grabbed my heart :o}
    So glad you indulged yourself Hilda!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Hi, Do you still have red rose outfit? I would like one if you do. Thanks, Joanne

  6. What do you have left?

  7. So Lovely!

  8. Soooooo beautiful…that first one is so gorgeous it hurts!!!
    🙂 xo

  9. Hi, If you don’t have anymore of the red rose and if you still have the polka dot one. I would like that. Thank you and please let me know. Joanne Landry


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