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Framboises Glacée

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This is one of the most beautiful fabrics that I have ever worked with. It is a fine silk brocade in a pure shade of raspberry pink, woven with pure white.  The white pattern against the shimmer of the pink results in a shimmering frosted effect. 

The shawl collar beautifully frames the face and a tiny Eiffel Tower pin adds sparkle.  Tiny pearl buttons decorate the front of the jacket and a large, white silk satin bow nestles in the small of the back.

An extravagant flower hat is the perfect finishing touch.

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me

$110.00 ( Edition of 5) SOLD OUT

Framboise 018

Framboise 020

Framboise 023

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Designer of couture fashions in 1/6 scale

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  1. I love the rear view surprise! xo Bev

  2. Absolutely Delicious!! xo

  3. That is exactly the word I was thinking, because it shimmers like raspberry sorbet.

  4. The fabric is divine & your design flawless. Congrats on another masterpiece!

  5. This is so perfect it leaves me speechless….and that just doesn’t happen that often. 🙂


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