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Noir et Blanc

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A Chanel inspired ensemble in black and white, this fashion consists of a gown and cropped jacket.  The gown has a dropped waist, strapless bodice in white silk, highlighted with fine black grosgrain bands at the waist and under the bust.  The full skirt is multiple layers of stiff white net with an overlay of fine white tulle embroidered with black bows and white swirls. 

The cropped jacket is made of black organza roses and fully lined in black organza.  Pearl accents are hand sewn in the center of assorted roses.

Pink and White French Baroque Chair, Rebecca Berry.  Mirrored Console, Welcome Home.

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me at

$110.00 (edition of 3) SOLD





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  1. Just beautiful! Love these boleros you’re creating! Decadent couture 4 sure! 😍😘😍😘

  2. WOW ! Simply Stunning !

  3. Hey there! Just wanted to shout out that you have been putting together some really incredible fashions.I’ve been watching!I was very close to biting at the Lavender Lace one …. I don’t buy enough of that color. Have you used up all of your materials for it? I have a transaction closing at the end of the month and will be ready to splurge on something fabulous. Oh, and look what I finally got around to shooting today: (Drats – I had to drag and drop and it added as an attachment).

    • Thank you, my love! Unfortunately, I don’t have any more of the lavender lace, but I just got some that is also very pretty and in a beautiful, dusky purple.

      xoxo H

  4. Such a fabulous fashion! i absolutely love it, Hilda! So sorry it has take so long to leave a reply, I didn’t even notice that i could do this. Lorrie


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