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Daily Archives: February 28, 2014


When I was about 16 years old, I fell in love with a Jessica McClintock prom dress that I saw in Seventeen Magazine.  You remember those ads in Seventeen, right?  The prom issue was always my favorite.  I lived in a small town and dresses like this were not easy to find.  So I made one just like it.  Here it is and here I am wearing it.


Last week I posted this picture on Facebook and got a lot of appreciation, including pleas to make it for the dolls.  So I did.  And here it is. 

The dress is made of black silk dupioni with 3 layers of black tulle as an underskirt.  The sweetheart bodice is slit to the waist and two black silk bows bridge the gap, resulting in an alluring peekaboo effect.

I hope you enjoy! 

If you would like to order this dress for your dolls, please email me.

$85.00 Edition of 5 (Sold Out)