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Daily Archives: March 23, 2014

Three Spring Dresses

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Yesterday I took three of my favorite new cotton fabrics and made some pretty springtime dresses.  They are shown on Silkstones, but will also fit Victoire and most other 12 inch dolls.  There is only one of each dress.  I will not be taking orders.

Juliet: Aqua cotton with a pearl finish.  The pattern is of roses and birds. The deep aqua silk sash and drape complement the pale aqua of the print.  The ruched neckline is finished with a cluster of pearls and seed beads.

$75.00 SOLD


Tuileries: A rosy cream background with a delicate floral pattern in darker pink is punctuated with rose topiaries.  I love this Tilda fabric, imported from Norway, via England.  A dark rose silk bow demarcates the bust and a Swarovski crystal brooch adds sparkle to the shoulder.

$75.00 SOLD


Nantucket Rose Garden: Back east, we call this color Nantucket Red, but it is also very commonly seen in French country palettes.  An off the shoulder, V-necked bodice flares into a flirty bubble skirt.

$75.00 SOLDIMG_4153IMG_4155