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Daily Archives: April 22, 2014

Silk Brocade Cocktail Sheaths

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Two strapless cocktail dresses in lush silk brocades, each with a tulle swag that drapes around the shoulders and is fastened by a silk pleated cummerbund at the waist.

The first brocade is a rich, iridescent blue silk brocade woven with fuschia flowers.  A swathe of fuschia tulle wraps around the shoulder and is fastened at the waist with an iridescent purple and fuschia taffeta cummerbund.

The second brocade is sage green silk woven with bright pink flowers.  A pink sparkle tulle swag fastens at the waist with an iridescent pink silk cummerbund.

These fashions fit Silkstones and similar dolls.

Now available on Etsy!


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