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Dancing at the Embassy Club 1924

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I have been so taken with the costumes in the latest seasons of Downton Abbey, that I had to try one for myself.  I didn’t have a pattern, but this style of fashion is so much more about the fabrics than the silhouette, which is pretty straight up and down.  I found this heavenly jade green and gold French lace embroidered with tiny tiny green and gold sequins and knew that this would be a good place to start.  The dress is a simple sheath in celadon silk, overlaid with the green and gold lace.  The hem is sheer from the knees down and the transition is marked by a band of celadon silk and a bow with antique crystal brooch.  A headband sits fashionably low on the forehead, made of celadon silk and beaded lace.

Note: I used flash for the first two photos because it shows the true color of the fashion, but I also included some close ups, which came out better without flash. This fabric is so sparkly and gorgeous in person.

This fashion fits most 12 inch fashion dolls.

Now on Etsy!



IMG_6635  IMG_6643 IMG_6642

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  1. Beautiful, Hilda!! 🙂

  2. Lori Birkeneder

    Hilda I love Downton Abbey! This captures the essence perfectly!! I hope you do more and that I am quick enough to get!!


  3. Found and looked at the dollscobbler. There are NO photos next to each pair ‘s description, however. Which shoes are these? Do you know the name of this pair? Or which pair they are by description? The prices look reasonable at least. Thank you for telling me about this artistist shoe cobbler!! Very nice shoes!! 🙂


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