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Daily Archives: February 5, 2015

Exotic Cocktail Sheaths

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On gloomy winter days, I love to use unusual color combinations.   Indian silks come in such exotic combinations of shades, resulting in shimmering iridescence when the fabrics catch the light.  These two sheaths are made from especially beautiful silks.

The Lemongrass sheath is made from a silk woven from yellow and turquoise blue, resulting in a lovely shade of green with blue iridescence.  I covered this silk in turquoise and silver lace, to bring out the blue highlights.  A silk bow decorates the hip.

The Sunset sheath is made from tangerine silk woven with hot pink, resulting in a rich, exotic orange highlighted with pink.  The lace overlay is bright pink and silver.  A sunset orange bow decorates the hip.

These fashions fit Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, and FR2 dolls.

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