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For Love or Money Hostess Gown in Liberty of London Tiny Poppytot

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A dramatic hostess gown in a Liberty of London print called Tiny Poppytot.

“Tiny Poppytot was inspired by illustrations in children’s magazines from the 1930s. The design features flowers with symbolic meaning: bluebell for the Greek moon goddess Selene, and the snowdrops and honeysuckles symbolise friendship, consolation, hope and devoted love.”

The gown is open on one side, revealing the iridescent saffron silk capri pants.  A purple silk, hand fringed sash is tied at the waist.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, and FR2 dolls (gown will be somewhat shorter on taller dolls)

Now on Etsy!


IMG_7278 IMG_7277  IMG_7275

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