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Bubble Dress in Liberty of London “Mrs. Monroe”

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This delicate Liberty pattern is part of the 2015 collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired prints and was made by Alex Monroe, an established handmade jewellery designer.  Alex’s mother chose Liberty prints to create from when he was a child and as a student he would choose something special from Liberty to go with home dyed calicos.

”O Tiger – Lily!” said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about in the wind, ”I wish you could talk!”
”We can talk,” said the Tiger Lily: ”when there’s anybody worth talking to.”– Lewis Carroll

Tiny dragonflies flit among the flowers in this garden of bright pink lilies.  The dropped waist, off the shoulder bodice has a ruched bust embroidered with tiny pink beads and pearls.  A pale pink silk bow belt defines the waist.

This fashion fits Silkstones, Victoire Roux, and FR2 dolls.

Now on Etsy!

IMG_8212IMG_8213  IMG_8211 IMG_8210 IMG_8209 IMG_8208

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