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Daily Archives: August 9, 2015

Bubble Dress in Liberty of London “Phoebe”

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This tiny floral print in shades of pink was first printed as a Liberty scarf in 1966, but has since become available in Tana Lawn.  This fabric is as light as air and creates a beautiful, voluminous bubble skirt.  The off the shoulder, dropped waist bodice has a ruched bust embroidered with tiny pearls and pink beads.  A raspberry pink silk bow belt defines the waist.

This fashion fits Victoire Roux, Silkstones, and FR2 dolls.

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For Love or Money Hostess Gown in Mitsi Pink

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This dramatic print “was designed by Gillian Farr, a member of Liberty’s studio in the 1950s. It plays on Liberty’s history with its Japanese style cherry blossom. It was brought up to date for Autumn/Winter 2008 and went into the Classic Tana range of 2011.”

The full skirted hostess gown is open on the side to reveal the bright green silk dupioni trousers, which picks up the green centers of the cherry blossoms.  A vibrant pink hand-fringed sash gives a pop of color.

This fashion fits most 1/6 scale fashion dolls, but the trousers may not fit the broader hipped dolls like Severine and FR2.

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