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Daily Archives: July 24, 2018

Gracie’s Garden

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I am inspired by many things when I create. This fashion is dedicated to my friend Lisa and a brave little kitten named Gracie. Gracie was found a few weeks ago in a huge parking lot on a hot morning. She was only a day or two old and was in bad shape. It was only by the grace of God that she was found alive at all. And so she was called Gracie. For that reason, she was brought to the person who specializes in cases like these, my friend Lisa, who has nursed many fragile orphan kittens to health.

What many people don’t realize when they adopt kittens or puppies is that there is a whole network of unsung heroes behind the scenes, volunteers like Lisa who take in tiny orphan animals and sit up with them throughout the night, feeding them every few hours from a bottle, keeping them warm, helping them eliminate, all the things their mothers would usually do for them. They raise them to be strong, healthy, loving , and playful, and then they selflessly (and usually tearfully) give them up to other families to become beloved pets. This post is dedicated to them.

These are the happy endings. But sometimes all the love and care in the world can’t save them. Little Gracie did not survive two days. And that is heartbreaking. But I like to believe that little Gracie and all the beloved pets that we have had the honor to have loved and lost are waiting for us just over the Rainbow Bridge in Gracie’s Garden. And when I saw this fabric yesterday, with the happy little grey cat sitting among the flowers, I knew it was a message to me from Gracie, to tell her Mama that she was happy and well.