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Daily Archives: January 19, 2019

Girls’ Getaway Rockabilly Dresses

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A colorful and whimsical series of tropical prints depicting young women on vacation at a resort. The figures lounge in and around swimming pools and swing from the palm trees. Birds, monkeys and big cats linger nearby. One dress (white) depicts the resort while the other (black) depicts the jungle surroundings. Both are in the Rockabilly style with a sweetheart bodice and pleated band that stretches under the bust and over the shoulders as straps.

These dresses fit Silkstone Barbie and Poppy Parker. They may fit other bodies, but perhaps not as well.

$100 each (black dress sold)

Of you would like to purchase one of these fashions please email me at


USA shipping: $8

International shipping: $10 to Canada; $15 everywhere else