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Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

Cherry Blossom

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Fresh from Paris, this lavishly embroidered silk dupioni is some of the most beautiful (and expensive) fabric I have ever seen.  I have been dreaming about what to do with it ever since it came into my hot little hands.  The color is the palest pink embroidered with elaborate cherry blossoms in shades of mauve, pale pink and coral.  I have hand beaded the center of the blooms with pearls for an added element of decadence.

The jacket is fitted, with a peplum and shawl collar.  This suit has two skirt options;  the slim fitting pencil skirt or a lavish fantasy of tulle.  The tulle skirt has a dropped yoke waist to prevent bulk at the waist line and there are six layers of pale pink and rose tulle.  Each layer is slashed at irregular intervals to give the affect of petals.

A small coral rose fascinator with rose and pale pink tulle completes the ensemble.

NOTE: The fabric from which this fashion is made is hand woven silk dupioni and has the slubs and irregularities that are characteristic of real silk dupioni. 

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please email me

Suit with either skirt: $115.00 SOLD OUT

Suit with both skirts: $150.00  SOLD OUT

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