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Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

Les Cygnes

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The tale of the beautiful princess Odette who is transformed into a white swan by the curse of an evil sorcerer is drawn from Russian folklore.  Odette is mirrored by her nemesis and alter ego, the black swan Odile.  The two swans are two sides of the same coin; white and black, good and evil.  Both are heartrendingly beautiful.

These special dresses from Bellissima Couture are an homage to this beautiful and haunting folktale.  Each dress is made from pure silk dupioni and feature a close fitting, dropped waist bodice with a halter neckline.  The ruffled skirts are made of silk chiffon roses.  A lavish bow with Swarovski crystal brooch detail decorates the bodice.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these fashions, please email me

Le Cygne Noir: $75.00 (Edition of 8) SOLD OUT

Le Cygne Blanc: $75.00 (Edition of 8) SOLD OUT

Le Cygne 011

Le Cygne 025

Le Cygne 017

Le Cygne 019

Le Cygne 021