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Daily Archives: June 11, 2014

Miss Dior 1949: A Labor of Love

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Those of us who love vintage fashion have been ogling the videos and photographs that have been circulating on the internet in preparation for the Le Petit Théâtre Dior exhibition, now in Chengdu, China.


This miniature version of the gown Miss Dior, which was made in 1949, immediately caught my eye and I fell in love.  I just had to try it for myself.  This is a brief look into my project.

I began the process on Monday, assembling my materials and planning my strategy.


And drafting a pattern…


Every journey begins with a single step…or flower petal.


I made two skirt panels, stitching on the petals by hand and sewing on pearls and beads.  After a trial assembling, I decided it needed another panel, so I did one more, in two pieces for the back.



The next step was cutting out the pieces and sewing them together.  The seams then had to be covered with petals.

Now came the moment of truth…would these skirt panels come together with a bodice to form a dress.  The answer is YES!

Here is the dress attached to its bodice.  It does not yet have the lining for the bodice and skirt, and there are still beads and flowers that need to be sewn on, but a dress is beginning to take shape.


Tomorrow, I will put the finishing touches on the dress and on Friday I will offer it for sale via silent auction.  I hope that you have enjoyed my creative journey!