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Daily Archives: August 14, 2016

Sheath Suit in Polychrome

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I came across this extraordinary hand made silk recently.  While the predominant color is a slate blue, every other color of the rainbow is woven in as well, including dark red, gold, green, and purple.  The lines of the suit are simple, to show off this beautiful fabric to its best advantage.  A band of iridescent silk, turquoise woven with red, sets off the waist.  This same silk lines the dress and the jacket.  The cropped bolero jacket has a richly beaded collar in all of the colors found woven into the fabric.

This silk is handmade and therefore has slubs and inconsistencies that are part of the beauty of the fabric and should not be considered flaws.

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, FR2

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