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Important Selling Changes for Bellissima Couture Fashions

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Dear Friends,

A lot of changes are happening at Bellissima Couture!  Please read this email carefully so that you will be prepared to purchase when I begin listing again in the next few days.

From this point forward, I am no longer selling on Etsy.  I will be selling directly from this website instead.  So instead of following a link to Etsy when you receive this email, email me directly instead.  I do have to enforce a few rules, however.  Expressing intent to buy is not enough to secure a fashion.  One of the reasons I moved to Etsy in the first place was because of buyers who said they wanted to buy a fashion, but then would not pay for days or even weeks.  Please do not say you will buy a fashion if you do not plan to pay immediately.  Payment is accepted in the form of PayPal. 

I also need to change my policy regarding commissions.  As some of you may already know, I have been very ill over the past year and need to minimize stress as much as possible.  This means cutting back considerably on accepting commissions.  It also means that once a fashion is sold, please don’t ask me to make just one more.  If a fashion is very popular, I will bring it back, or at least use the fabric again in a different style.  And I will open my commission books from time to time.  But I am only just now getting back on my feet again and I need to focus on that as much as I can.  I appreciate your understanding.

I also appreciate your patience and understanding as I get this new system going.  This is the way I used to sell my fashions, so I don’t really anticipate any problems, but as with any new system, there may be a few issues.

Thanks so much and love to all!

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  1. Sarah Eversole

    Please take care of yourself and feel better!

  2. May I request that my Convention sheath be made to fit the curvy fashionistas? Thanks, Jen 

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  3. Scifi1Guy Len

    Best of Luck – Remember you can always post on Facebook to with a link back to your blog as a few other designers too for thos e of us spending time on FB who LOVE your stuff…

  4. Your fashions for the recent Barbie convention were so lovely! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been ill lately. I hope you get stronger soon. Looking forward to future posts from you!

  5. All your dresses for the convention are gorgeous 🙂 Hope you will feel better soon !

  6. Good luck and best wishes! Looking forward to your new fashions!

  7. Hi Hilda,

    How are you – I am so sorry to hear you have had health issues for the last year – that would be since the 2017 US convention when I last saw you. I am very pleased to hear you are getting back on your feet again.

    I absolutely love your (& Maryann’s collaboration) Mannequin Mavens from this year’s convention – they are simply stunning and there are not enough words to describe how wonderful they are. Fingers crossed I am hoping to come to next year’s convention and your room will be my first, second and third stop! I especially love the wee grey poodle and the pink outfit – your dog was so much better than Mattel’s efforts at this year’s convention.

    I often wondered why you changed from private selling to Etsy – I find it quite extraordinary that people don’t pay for fashions in a timely manner, once I’ve got one I want it immediately an no way would I delay payment – but some folk are very odd.

    I am loving some of your latest styles with the cummerbunds – very stylish and a lovely twist on a classic dress. The fabrics have been just divine as well.

    I do wish the Aussie $ would improve though ….

    Anyway take care and look after yourself. Sending my very best wishes.

    Joan xx



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