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Hostess Gown in Vintage Liberty of London Dianthus

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I have had a large piece of this Liberty fabric in my stash for many years and it is one of my favorites.  It depicts the charming miniature carnations called “pinks” that were a staple in my father’s garden.  I loved them for their beautiful, ruffled petals and sweet, spicy scent.  The old-fashioned carnation name pinks comes from the serrated flower edges, which look as if cut with pinking shears. The name of the color pink is said to come from these perennials, which have been popular in gardens for hundreds of years.

The hostess gown has a boat neck and full skirt that is split in front to reveal the carnation pink silk capri pants underneath.  A hand-fringed sash in carnation pink silk ties simply at the waist.  The predominant colors in the print are pink and turquoise blue with touches of pale green.  

This fashion fits Silkstone Barbie, Victoire Roux, and Poppy Parker

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