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Le Chat Noir Coat Ensemble

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This outfit has a story.  When we moved to our little neighborhood in Oregon almost 4 years ago, we made a number of cat friends. One of these was a big black cat named Frazier.  Although reserved at first, once we made overtures of friendship (treats), Frazier became our most devoted and loyal friend.  Every evening he would join us on our walk, following us all around the neighborhood at a stately pace.  Frazier had an owner and a home, but he spent most of his time with us.  He was usually asleep in our bushes during the day, coming out when he saw us with a welcoming chirp. 

About a month ago, Frazier’s owner stopped by to ask if we had seen him.  He had been missing for a few days.  We looked everywhere for him, but to no avail.  Already attacked once a few year years ago by a coyote, we fear that he was not as lucky this time.  We are heartbroken by his loss.  This outfit is to honor our friend the best way I know how.

The swing coat is made from a Japanese cotton.  Made up of squares, each containing a different Asian print, the most prominent design is the black cat with the big yellow eyes.  The coat is lined in dark orange silk and has gold and crystal buttons.  The coordinating strapless sheath dress is made from the same orange silk as the lining with a gold lace overlay.

Rest in peace, darling Frazier.  You are much loved and terribly missed.

This fashion fits most 1/6 scale fashion dolls.

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