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Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

Nancy’s Garden in Exotic Zinnias

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The eleventh gown in a series honoring my mother Nancy and her love of flowers.  I have always considered zinnias the cheerful, happy flowers of any garden.  They come in bright, tropical colors and are related to daisies and sunflowers.  The skirt of this gown is in shades of bright pink and tangerine orange tulle in alternating layers.  Encased in the tulle are bright pink and orange zinnias with touches of gold.  A row of light green leaves forms the bases and tiny orange and pink flowers are scattered around, along with pink Swarovski crystals for sparkle.  The strapless, peplum shaped bodice is made from an exotic iridescent silk that mixes orange with dark purple for a beautiful shimmer.  A hand painted silk ribbon in pink and orange ties at the waist.

This fashion fits most 1/6 scale fashion dolls, although the length will vary depending on the doll.

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